Board Members

Prof. Jassem Yousef Al-Kandari
Chairman Academic Publication Council
Dr. Faisal Abdullah AL-Kandri
Editor-in-Chief - Journal of law
Dr. Ali Rashed Al-Mutairi
Editor-in-Chief - Arab Journal of Administrative Sciences
Dr. Majed Ahmad Alnaqeeb
Board Member - Academic Publication Council
Prof. Amir Al Haddad
Editor-in-Chief - Journal of Engineering Research
Prof. Lakdere Benkherouf
Editor-in-Chief - Kuwait Journal of Science
Prof. Nasima Al-Gaith
Editor-in-Chief - Arab Journal of Humanities
DR. Maha M. Al-Sejari
Editor-in-Chief - Journal of Social Sciences
Prof. Abdulrazak KH Alshayji
Journal of Sharei’a and Islamic Studies
Prof. Abdulaziz Al Ghanim
Editor-in-Chief - Journal of Education
Prof. Ahmed Al Melhem
Editor-in-Chief - Committee of Authorship, Translation & Publication
Prof. Yaqoub Yousef Al Kanderi
Editor-in-Chief - Annals of the Arts & social sciences
Prof. Banyan Saud Al Turki
Editor-in-Chief - Journal of Gulf & Arabian Peninsula Studies
Prof. Maha Al -Sejari
Director of Center of Gulf and Arabian Peninsula studies
Sami S. Al-Wuhaibi
Manager Academic Publication Council